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The lifelong love of learning is developed at Walden where Arts and Culture are embraced as experiential, enjoyable and vital to a truly enriching educational experience.

At Walden children learn beyond the traditional content areas.  Students are offered opportunities to explore their passions in and out of the classroom.  They participate in a variety of enrichment course work and also the Walden community offers enriching activities as a whole school community.  

This may be in the form of art or music or technology, but sometimes these experiences happen on larger levels.  It could be an experience in which the whole school participates in UN day and children travel the world through classrooms filling their passports and participating in authentic learning as students lead the activities.  It could be a day celebrating and sharing poetry with a coffee house style poetry reading session.  Sometimes the experience is making biscuits with a buddy classroom (a partnership between an elementary/middle school classroom and a preschool classroom), or it could simply be taking a nature scavenger hunt just because it is a particularly gorgeous day and everyone needs a nature walk. 

Walden values and offers consistently to children experiences that cultivate a life long love of learning.