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Learning by Exploring


The preschool program offers 3 half day, 3 half day with lunch (see details below), 3 full day, 5 half day, 5 half day with lunch, 5 full day preschool, and Kindergarten.

In Walden’s Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten Program, teachers foster children’s natural curiosity and energy into learning.

Children intently work with beautifully designed hands-on materials. Earlier lessons such as pouring water without spilling, buttoning a shirt, or recognizing shapes, colors, and letters build naturally into more complex lessons including arranging letters into words, understanding the power of ten, or drawing a map of the world.

As children advance, so do their activities, preparing for abstract thinking and building a foundation for a lifetime of understanding. During their Kindergarten year, they internalize and reinforce their earlier experiences, they master more advanced math, reading, and writing skills.

As a result of being in the same classroom for three or four years, children have the unique opportunity to experience learning as both the littlest learners and as leaders and teacher helpers in their classroom. The confidence children feel as a result of this experience readies them for their next educational experiences.

Children in preschool have the opportunity to visit the library for instruction, fun and new book selections and head to the music studio to enjoy dance, song and introduction to instruments weekly.  In kindergarten, opportunities expand as the kindergarten students also participate in a formal art class along with a physical education class each week.

In the Montessori classroom all activities are referred to as “work.”  The word work is meant to have the same positive meaning as the word play.  The idea is to help the child understand that these activities are an enjoyable experience in which learners take pride.

3 half day preschool program

The 3 half day preschool program is a unique Montessori environment prepared for Walden’s youngest children who are first time students. This program provides an introductory year guided by an experienced Montessori teacher and assistant in a smaller environment and a smaller class size before the children launch into a more vertically grouped Montessori preschool classroom the following year.  This classroom accommodates its students who are ready for challenging Montessori materials. The 3 half day preschool program allows teachers to support students in a nurturing and safe environment with a lower student-teacher ratio while still valuing the independence and self-directed nature of the Montessori philosophy. These students enjoy their school year enrollment as a group, and the following year they move forward to one of the expanded preschool classrooms with a few of their current classmates.  If interested, students are welcome to expand their program from an 11:30 departure to a 12:30 departure that allows them to enjoy lunchtime and lunch recess. This program is available to children under the age of 4, with a birthday after January 1 of the academic year.