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Read what our parents, alumni, and faculty have to say… For more reviews, check out NICHEGreat Schools and Private School Review!

*Walden has been amazing for my son. The teachers know each student so well, know their true strengths and weaknesses, and value each child. He started in second grade because we wanted him to have more challenge and individuation than the public school was offering, and he's gotten that and so much more! The academics are rich and interconnected and collaborative. The cross-age-group experiences that he's had are so good for his social development. The music program is wonderful... and he gets athletics and art and theater, all in this small nurturing environment. I'm confident he's going to launch to middle school with everything he needs to succeed and a great big warm feeling in his heart for the Walden community.

-Elementary School Parent, February 2024

*Our daughter is making academic growth that is indescribable for a child who has not even started kindergarten yet- reading books, perfect handwriting, adding, counting to 100, and the list goes on! In addition to the outstanding academic performance that we have seen while at Walden, our daughter is truly learning to be a productive member of our household and society as a whole. She is learning to do things like clean up after herself, dress herself, take responsibility for her actions, that her actions have consequences and may affect others, how to use kitchen utensils, to treat others as she would like to be treated, and so on. These classrooms are filled with so much more than just learning materials; they are filled with tools that will help build the best versions of our children.
As a parent, and former educator, I promise that you will not regret your decision to enroll your child(ren) at the Walden School. I know we never will!

-Preschool Parent, January 2024

The Walden School is truly one of a kind. You can feel the warmth and sense of community from the moment you enter this institution. As an alumni, I can truly speak to the benefit of Walden's Montessori approach to education. The vertically age-grouped classrooms allow students to form significant, genuine connections with teachers and classmates as they mature and excel together. Being a student here felt like I was a part of a team or one vast loving family. I find the teacher's acute attention to detail and inextinguishable fervor for their craft to be the formula for success in the classroom. The ability to work at my own pace and to be presented with new challenges daily is something I valued the most at Walden. As a child I transferred to several different schools, yet I've only ever felt at home and complete at The Walden School. This is a place I will forever advocate for!

-Alum, Class of 2018

My three children have gone to the Walden School - one from 4th-8th grade, one from 1st-5th grade and one started in pre-school and is currently in 7th grade. We chose Walden because of its Montessori philosophy and warm, caring community and stayed because of the strong, individualized academics, the absolutely wonderful teachers, the true focus on giving back to the community and taking care of each other (with the oldest kids regularly helping the youngest in the school). The Walden education helped my children become independent, critical thinkers who aren't afraid to march to their own beat, who are kind and considerate and who treat teachers and classmates with respect. I realized what an impact Walden had on my kids even more so after my older children moved on to public school. I also came to value even more the warm relationships my family developed with the teachers and administrators and fellow parents who all had in common a nurturing, peaceful approach to education.

-Parent, February 2024

* The Walden School was so much more than a school to my family. They were part of our community, our neighborhood, and our lives. My daughter started in the Pre-K program at 3.5 and has blossomed into an intelligent, compassionate, and strong independent child. As parents, we prioritized finding a school that would instill a love of learning and a respect for the student in their core values and Walden more than lived up to that expectation. I wish we could stay there forever!!

- Sam F., Elementary School Parent

* We are so happy we found the Walden community. The place feels like a big hug. Every day our kids are excited to go, and they are simultaneously challenged and nurtured. The structure of the school allows for it to deal with all different types of personalities and learning styles, while challenging and respecting all students. 

- Becca L., Preschool and Elementary School Parent

* Walden is a really wonderful school following the Montessori method. Our experience is so far with the pre-K to K mixed age classroom and it's been amazing to see the growth in our child. The child's self paced education with hands on activities to help them learn the building blocks of reading, writing, math, etc. is really a great approach that provides your child the confidence they need. The teachers are simply amazing, they're compassionate and caring and really get to know your child. They do an amazing job helping children learn in a respectful and supportive classroom environment. I would recommend this school and hope to send my other children there once they're of age. 

- Preschool Parent

* My husband and I feel so fortunate that we are able to send our son to the Walden School. They have created an environment that has allowed my kind-hearted, socially shy, needs help to come out of his shell 9-year-old son to thrive. They allow the students to explore; they encourage them to speak up & speak out; they take an interest in them inside and outside of school & they really foster a culture of diversity and understanding of differences. Prior to coming to Walden, my son attended K-1st grade at a school that just wasn't up to par academically & where we felt our son got lost in the shuffle. Here, everyone knows him by name, makes an effort to know us as parents and really digs deep to understand how they can best help each individual child. I especially love that the way they teach isn't just by lecture, sitting at a desk staring at a chalkboard, but through hands-on projects, exploration & using sensory and tactile items to accommodate different learning styles. I will sing their praises to anyone looking into schools for their children. 

- Misha G., Elementary School Parent

* We feel so lucky that we found Walden and that we can be part of this community. Our big kid transitioned to a new school this year after 6 glorious years at Walden. Walden set him up for success. The feedback we get from his new school is how conscientious, hard-working, thoughtful, and confident. He learned this at Walden. Our little guy is still at Walden and we treasure our years there. Our energetic boys thrive at Walden. Walden instills in them a love learning. The teachers know them so well and guide them to dig deep into math, science, writing, art, history, and life lessons. The boys are growing and thriving as whole people. And our lives are all better because of it. When they come home, they enjoy doing homework. They love reading. This school, the teachers, and the administration are an absolute treasure! 

- Preschool and Elementary School Parent - Mom of boys

* We are pleased to have chosen Walden for my daughter’s academics. We started at preschool and have now entered 7th grade. Great school, Great Faculty, and Staff. I would recommend this school to anyone who is seeking a top-notch education for their children. 

- Middle School Parent

* Our school could write the book on how to abruptly switch to remote teaching! Yes, there is a learning curve, but they are staying right on top of it! Teachers send weekly work plans - with almost NO screen time! And they are in contact with us all day long. Teachers also made up bags for us to pick up. SO GRATEFUL for this school and the community it creates!!! 

- Kate R., Elementary School Parent

* Cherish the time you have at Walden, because it’s a very unique experience. The individual attention you get there now will give you the confidence to advocate for yourself and get involved in new things later. My life is on a great path because I had the opportunity to start my education at Walden. Don't take it for granted! 

- Bella S., Alumni

* You guys have gone above and beyond to help our children thrive and matriculate through these new challenges!!!  My child loves his Walden family and misses you all, please let's all stay safe so that we can all reunite when this social distancing thing is over, and I couldn't say thank you enough for stepping up as a true family.

- Yuraina S.

* Thanks for all the great communication and to the teachers who have gone above and beyond to be creative in continuing to engage these kiddos. 

- Meaghen M., Elementary School Parent

* Our granddaughter just started at Walden and loves the friendliness of the staff and students. She has never been this excited to attend school!

- Grandparent

* My child has attended Walden since second grade and is now in eighth grade. The school has been responsible for incredible growth and development of my child as a learner and as a wonderful person. During our time with the school, my child has always wanted to go to school regardless of challenges of the day. 

- Parent

* I am elated our daughter has had the blessing of attending The Walden School. It has been such a joy watching her blossom over these last few years. We are so excited for watching what else this school has to offer as she moves through elementary school. I will forever recommend this school to parents looking for a rewarding educational experience for their young child.

- Parent

* Walden is extraordinary in every way. The academic program is excellent and the teachers are truly devoted to the development of the whole child, as they also nurture their social and emotional development like no other school. Walden's atmosphere is positive and peaceful and the teachers are intelligent, skilled experts who care deeply about each child. It's a truly unique and wonderful place and one of the most affordable private schools in the area!

- Parent

* The Learning Together program is so perfect for not only my daughter to get into a classroom and be around kids, but also for her caregivers to learn more about what kids need at this crucial age. Even though it's usually my mom with her, the Monday Messages are an amazing tool for her and my grandmom to read so we can all be consistent. 

- Parent

* My children have thrived in both academic success and personal growth. Teachers clearly take not only students into their classrooms but the entire family. The awareness of the many factors that go into a child's growth is a large part of The Walden School. Two of my children started when they were two. My daughter recently graduated from the 8th grade and entered high school with the confidence every parent wishes for their child.


* Both of my children attended the Walden School. It’s a magical place and both of them have had a wonderful experience. The teachers and education are stellar and the administrators are equally as involved in your child/ children’s care. It’s an outstanding education experience and institution, respectively. Every morning I drop my child off I’m worry-free knowing she is in a safe environment and at the same time getting an education that’s second to none. My kids have a tremendous head start because they attended TWS!


* I can't tell you how lucky my family feels that our daughters are at Walden. Not only do they receive an amazing education but they are learning about what it takes to be a good citizen of the world. The empathy and compassion they show others amazes me every day. The teachers know and understand my girls and great care is taken of them on a daily basis. I know when we move on from Walden my girls will be prepared for anything inside and outside of the classroom. 


* My experience has been excellent. I am a parent of a three-year old and a seven-year old, and both children cherish their teachers and classmates and are supported to be the best students and community members they can be. -


* I have nothing but good things to say about Walden! Not only is my daughter learning academically, but socially as well. The school encourages the children to work out conflicts peacefully. The teachers are caring and it is a nurturing environment.


* We have been with Walden from First through Fifth Grade and couldn't be more pleased with the school. Our son has received individual, focused attention that has allowed him to grow and flourish in the environment. He is thrilled with the school and excelling which has us thrilled with the school. Smaller class sizes and teachers who care and are invested makes Walden the perfect place to be. 

- Parent

* Our experience at Walden has been extremely positive. The teachers and administration have created a peaceful and caring environment for our two girls. Walden encourages children to explore their interests while developing their emotional and intellectual capacities. The school's pedagogy is among the best we've witnessed, in that Walden is consistently committed to Montessori teaching and learning experiences that are backed by both the timeless values of Dr. Montessori and recent learnings from education research regarding how to best help kids learn and grow. Most importantly, our girls have made great friends at Walden, adore their teachers and are genuinely happy, curious learners. 

- Parent

* We have been at The Walden School for 8 years now. My two children have thrived in the small, caring atmosphere of the school where everyone knows your name. The school is dedicated to excellent academics, and beyond this the teachers and administrators nurture the children, teaching and modeling respect, kindness, and peace. The classes are small, and the students learn to support each other. At Walden, you get to be you!

- Parent

* The Walden school has been a game changer for our son. Walden’s holistic approach to learning allows kids to gain a great education through the Montessori method, while gaining life skills like teamwork, leadership, respect, emotional intelligence, and more. In just three years, our son has gone from a shy, not so confident kid to an outgoing, self-assured young boy. I like to think that I’m a good parent but, I have to say, he’s not the person he is today without Walden.

- Parent

* My three children have attended Walden, one from 4th-8th grade, one from 1st-5th grade and one started in preschool and is currently in 5th grade. As a family we have loved our Walden experience so much that we initially intended for our children to be there for 1-2 years and they ended up attending for many more. Our children have each developed strong character and a sense of caring for their community. They've been part of a respectful, warm, compassionate environment where kids can interact with older and younger children and both as mentors and mentees. They've loved the individualized teaching style and all of their teachers have been excellent and incredibly dedicated to their craft, their students, and to the Walden School as a whole. We are very grateful also for Walden's support during some challenging times my children and our family have experienced over the years.

- Parent

* We cannot say enough about the Walden School. Our daughter started there three days a week at the age of 2 1/2. She is currently in kindergarten there. The teachers and administration are extremely caring, the families are very involved, and there’s a very positive, open and accepting attitude amongst all. Furthermore the academics of the preschool and kindergarten program is exactly on target and appropriate. Montessori is a brilliant philosophy of education and the Walden School embraces it wholeheartedly. It allows student to discover the world around them and develop a healthy love of learning. Our daughter has grown into an enthusiastic and dedicated student who loves school at Walden. We are not only proud of how she has grown, but we are also proud of the school she attends. It has become her second home!

- Parent