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Elementary Highlights

Learning Inquisitiveness and Independence


Walden’s Elementary School continues to build learners’ sense of inquisitiveness and independence.

At The Walden School, children work on skills and projects across the curriculum. Each classroom is an ever-changing, energetic mix of activity: one teacher working with a small group, the other helping a student one-on-one, and the remaining students working independently or in teams.

Teachers tailor their interactions to the needs of individual children, and children who grasp a concept quickly can help others along as well as continue their learning through enrichment opportunities.

Children in the elementary school enjoy supplemental programs that enrich their daily school experiences.  During their days, students participate in music, physical education, art, Lifeskills, library, and technology.  There is consistent effort that all these programs support content learning and there is often collaboration between the classroom teachers and the supplemental programs teachers making these educational experiences even more meaningful.

Over the course of their four years in the Elementary program, students get to know their teachers well, receive a truly extraordinary level of individual attention, and continue to have the valuable experience of learning from older peers and then teaching the younger.