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Student Support

Students at The Walden School enjoy a well balanced education that is both nurturing and rigorous. Whether a child is in need of enrichment beyond the classroom curriculum, support in the form of speech and language pathology or additional social and emotional development with the school counselor, students at Walden are assessed individually and tended to by a team of experienced and caring experts.

The Walden School Student Study Team, is a collaborative brainstorming group comprised of teachers, administrators, parents and specialists that  analyze a child’s strengths and needs in order to create an individualized plan that empowers each child to reach their personal best. The strength of the partnership between parents and teachers is a hallmark of a Walden education and a core value of the school.

The Walden School is proud to share a well established partnership with the Delaware County Intermediate Unit (DCIU), whose supports include speech therapy, educational consultations and comprehensive multi-disciplinary evaluations that provide teachers with information that allow them to further individualize instruction for a student.

On a social and emotional level,  The Walden School offers school counseling services to support the positive self awareness and confidence that are vital to a child’s development. The School Counselor runs Lifeskills character education classes with all students in the first through fifth grades during which children have meaningful conversations about social issues in class as well as in the greater community and world.  The in-class lessons place a strong emphasis on friendship, positive decision-making and problem-solving skills.  In addition, the counselor works with students in need on an individual basis or in small groups.  Friendship circle lunches are offered throughout the year to further guide students at varied developmental levels as they engage and navigate their social worlds.