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Welcome from our Head of School


Dear Friends,

Choosing a school for your children is a major decision. I know from experience though my own children are now grown. A school can change not only what your children learn, but also how they learn; that can change the course of a life. 

Here at Walden, learning is an adventure. Our classrooms are bright, our student-teacher ratio is low, our lessons are hands-on, our students are engaged in learning, and our halls are filled with laughter and art.

Though our school days are creative and bright, we’re also truly committed to academic excellence. Our Montessori-based approach empowers children to explore the world around them—to delve uninterrupted into science and history, math and language. And as students lead their own learning and work side by side, they gain confidence, competence, resilience, and responsibility.

Over five decades, we’ve grown from a handful of preschoolers in a brightly colored classroom to 145 students in a big, beautiful school building with classes up through eighth grade. Even as we’ve grown in size, invested in technology, gained Fair Trade Certification, added classes, and grown more connected to the world, our core commitment hasn’t changed at all. We still work every day to help children love learning, to help students become citizens of the world, and to help create a more brilliant future for all.

If you are considering Walden, I hope you’ll call and come by for a visit. I would love to meet you, show you our space, and let you see for yourself what an adventure that learning can be.








Mary McKeon
Head of School