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Preschool/Kindergarten - Elementary School - Middle School

The Focus is on Your Child

Walden’s teachers know each child very well, and teachers communicate with one another to provide a complete picture of every student’s development. They also work together to create and continuously refine curriculum that progresses naturally from year to year, with students reinforcing and building on the skills and concepts they have mastered in the previous grade. Not only do teachers collaborate regarding each individual child’s success, but also the collaboration includes the child himself and his family. This naturally leads to a strong bond between child, teacher, family, and school community that nurtures the child’s peaceful and joyful educational journey.

Whether graduates move on to a public, parochial, or independent high school, they invariably report that Walden has prepared them well. Walden graduates are self-aware and prepared for life. Walden graduates engage as leaders in the world. Walden graduates maintain that their life-long love of learning is thanks to Walden.

The Preschool/Kindergarten Program features four Montessori classrooms, each with two teachers, where students first develop their joy in learning, their sense of independence and self-confidence, and care for the community. Over the next eight years, they build on that foundation in the Elementary School (grades 1–4) and Middle School (grades 5–8).

Walden’s teachers have an incredible ability to bring out the talents and interests of children and guide their development to the fullest. Students learn to take charge of their own learning and solve problems by thinking critically and creatively. By the time they leave Walden in eighth grade, they have more than just the skills they need for high school—they have the tools they need to meet 21st century challenges.

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