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Preschool/Kindergarten - Elementary School - Middle School


The Walden School not only introduces children to their first school experience but also guides them through early adolescence. These formative years shape children’s lifelong attitudes toward learning and their sense of self as well as how they interact with the world.

The Preschool/Kindergarten Program features three Montessori classrooms, each with two teachers, where students first develop their joy in learning, their sense of independence and self-confidence, and care for the community. Over the next eight years, they build on that foundation in the Elementary School (grades 1–4) and Middle School (grades 5–8).

Walden’s teachers have an incredible ability to bring out the talents and interests of children and guide their development to the fullest. Students learn to take charge of their own learning and solve problems by thinking critically and creatively. By the time they leave Walden in eighth grade, they have more than just the skills they need for high school—they have the tools they need to meet 21st century challenges.

At the Walden School, manipulatives are an integral part of student learning. In early childhood the hands on activities enhance understanding of abstract concepts. Similarly, technology offers hands on experiences to deepen understanding of abstract concepts for the adolescent learners.