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Preparing for the World Beyond Walden

The Middle School offers students the support they need to transition successfully through early adolescence intellectually, socially and emotionally.

In grades 5–8 teachers and students use technological tools. Teaching and learning are highly interactive, with students working on group projects, giving presentations, and receiving guidance and feedback from teachers.

Walden’s teachers prepare learners to think critically about new challenges, collaborate effectively, and devise creative solutions. More than teaching content, teachers emphasize the processes that lead to mastery of content, such as information-gathering, analysis, and communication.

As in the younger grades, teachers are always assessing where individual students are and adjusting activities and instruction as needed. Teachers knowing and caring about students gives the learners a solid foundation not just academically, but socially and emotionally as well.

As the oldest students at Walden, middle schoolers are encouraged to take on leadership roles inside and outside the classroom, through activities such as Student Ambassadors and community service.

Students in the middle school continue to learn technology, Lifeskills, art, physical education, and music.  In addition to these, students in the middle school participate in mini-courses where they learn tennis and participate in the production of a play.

Life skills such as ethical decision-making, responsibility, and respect for others are integrated across the curriculum. Students leave the Walden family with the self-motivation and confidence to tackle the challenges of high school.

Check out photos from our most recent Middle School Theatre Program performances below!