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After School Clubs

The school day ends, the ADVENTURE continues...

Walden offers a rich variety of after school programs throughout the year.  For more information, please contact us. To register your Walden student, visit the Parent Portal.

German Club

German Club offers students a chance to continue their learning of the German language through stories. In addition, each session will offer the opportunity to engage in fun conversation and explore cultural topics, such as music, holidays, and food!

Instructor: Kate Raue

Grades: 4-5

Zumbini with Tai

Zumbini is an early childhood education program for children ages 2 - 5. Created by Zumba and BabyFirst, Zumbini uses music and movement to effectively promote cognitive, social, emotional, and fine motor skill development, all masked behind a fun and engaging class! This Immersive experience provides each child with 45 minutes of can’t-stop, won’t-stop classroom bonding, learning, and fun!

Instructor: Tai Bartolomei

Grades: Preschool-Kindergarten

PS/K Arts and Crafts Club

Create with more than crayons and pencils! Each week there will be a theme explored to reinforce fine motor skills and creative thinking while your child enjoys arts and crafts. Please have your child bring a smock or wear old clothes. 

Instructors: Jean Kearney

Grades: Preschool- Kindergarten

Science Explorers

Make Some Noise! Why does the shriek of a siren change as it passes by?  Can a person’s singing voice really crack a glass?  We’ll keep the good vibrations coming as we investigate the world of sounds and sound energy. Have a percussion party, make musical instruments and experiment with echolocation.  Can you hear me now?

Instructor: Galaxy Gale

Grades: 1-6

Athletic Club

This fitness program teaches the fundamentals of sports. Students will develop new skills and advance existing skills while focusing on team playing, sportsmanship and having fun!

Instructors:  Pigeon Graham & Jean Kearney

Grades: 1-8

Run Ball Tennis

Hosted by UNLTD Tennis Academy, the clinic consists of a fun environment where students work on their eye-hand coordination, balance, gross motor skills and movement. They will learn the basics of ground strokes and familiarize themselves with the game of tennis and the tennis court.

Instructor: Jarrod Grant

Grades: Preschool-Kindergarten