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Young Scientists!

March 18, 2021
By Ms. Kearney & Ms. Albright

Through cooperative partnerships, the students in 3/4 observed how light hits the solid particles in milk and scatters. They filled a cup with water and incrementally added spoonfuls of milk. Then the students witnessed how the light was able to pass through the clear water and how it became bluer or yellow in the milky water; signifying how light reflects or scatters.

Random Acts of Kindness

February 18, 2021
By Ms. Kearney & Ms. Albright

For Random Acts of Kindness Week, our class focused on writing letters thanking the courageous hospital workers on the front lines. We took a moment to learn about all they are doing to help our community not only during this global pandemic but in their day-to-day service.  It is because of them, our Walden community can be back at school! Below are a few samples of the student's letters. This was an assignment the students took great pride in, and they meant every word they typed. 

Celebrating Black History Month

February 04, 2021
By Ms. Kearney & Ms. Albright

The class will continue to celebrate diversity during February with a strong emphasis on Black History and the individuals who made and continue to make powerful contributions to America. Students will conduct research, read about an influential Black American, and share all they learn in a presentation of their biographical research at the end of the month. Additionally, the class will engage in learning general history in order to support their deeper understanding and background knowledge of the people they are studying. 

Marine Animal Research Timeline

December 02, 2020
By Ms. Kearney & Ms. Albright

The children continue to work on their ocean animal research and are beginning to assemble the components that will make up their exhibit. The timeline (see photo) will help the children to pace themselves so all work will be completed come December 16th. Our classroom will be turned into an under -the- sea museum complete with experts to explain the animal exhibits! This project compliments our Reading Workshop unit as well as our science topic.


Diving into Nonfiction

November 12, 2020
By Ms. Kearney & Ms. Albright

The 3rd and 4th graders are diving into our Nonfiction reading unit. The students are learning how to identify informational texts, its features as well as practicing the different options of recording and interpreting information. We will celebrate the end of this unit by creating an "Ocean" museum, which will feature projects from the research gathered and interpreted by the children. Stay tuned!

Happy Bill Peet Day!

October 30, 2020
By Ms. Kearney & Ms. Albright

BIG BAD BRUCE and DROOFUS the DRAGON were just a few of the Bill Peet characters that made an appearance for our character study celebration. All the students did a wonderful job with the completion of their first long-range project.

Everyone say, "Frindle!"

October 14, 2020
By Ms. Kearney & Ms. Albright

During our character study unit in Reading Workshop, the children are reading Frindle by Andrew Clements. The class has reenacted the class fifth grade picture from Lincoln Elementary School where the kids are showing their school pride by displaying their "frindles".

Coming Soon... The Whingdingdilly Zoo!

October 01, 2020
By Ms. Kearney & Ms. Albright

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, kids of all ages, the children of 3rd and 4th grade present... The Whingdingdilly Zoo! 

Be prepared to see creatures beyond your wildest imagination.  

"Get your Nose in a Book!"

September 18, 2020
By Ms. Kearney & Ms. Albright

Students are enjoying Because of Winn Dixie, by Kate Di Camilla. This our first ZOOM reading of the year :)

Executing our Spider Research

May 29, 2020
By Ms. Kearney & Ms. Albright

Walden at Home learning hasn't stopped us from executing and sharing our spider research projects to compliment Charlotte's Web's main character. The children displayed their knowledge using poster, slide shows, videos, and professor role-playing. A variety of spiders were introduced to the class along with specific details about their habitats, looks, defenses and other interesting facts. 

Next week, the children will practice the play of "Charlotte's Web" and perform the production for our first and second-graders!

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