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This page serves as a central resource for Walden community members. Please note that the information below was shared as part of our 2021-22 Health & Safety Plan, and will be updated throughout the school year as information becomes available. For additional questions, please email

Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting and Ventilation

·Routine cleaning of any utilized spaces will be performed at the end of the school day.  Additional cleaning will be implemented as needed.

·Hand sanitizer stations are maintained in each entry area; students and staff are encouraged to use them before entering the building. Regular handwashing is part of the classroom routine.

·Water drinking fountains are disconnected.  Students and staff are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.

·The ventilation system has been updated with charcoal filters and is maintained regularly.  Windows are open and fans are in each classroom.

Safety Protocols

·Masks are worn indoors by all students and staff.  Masks are optional while outdoors.

·No snacks may be shared.

·Students must wear masks on all school buses.

·Parents will continue to drop students off at the designated entrances to the school and pick them up outside the building.  Visitors will be allowed on site by appointment only and must wear masks inside, complete a health screening and show proof of COVID vaccination.

Monitoring Student and Staff Health

·Families will receive a daily health reminder via text. Students will be sent home if symptoms appear during the school day.

·The Walden School will follow PA Department of Health guidance in communicating about all diseases, including COVID-19.

·Students and Staff should report any exposures to COVID-19 or positive test results directly to Mary McKeon who will consult with the Rose Tree Media School District Nurse for guidance.

·The Walden School will adhere to any changes in guidance as recommended by the PA Department of Health.


All students and staff are required to wear N95 or surgical paper masks.