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The Walden School prides itself on the educationally enriching opportunities students have both embedded in the Academic Programs as well as in addition to the Academic Programs.  

The lifelong love of learning is developed at Walden where Arts and Culture are embraced as experiential, enjoyable and vital to a truly enriching educational experience.

The following are some of the amazing enrichment programs Walden offers.

Service Opportunities in activities around the school encourage school spirit and the value of children of different ages working together to help others both in The Walden School community as well as in the larger community.

Mini-Courses offer students the opportunity to participate in a range of specialty areas.  Students are introduced to sound recording, theatre, robotics, and yearbook.

Lifeskill Leaders are acknowledged by their peers at monthly assemblies where the elementary and middle school community gathers to celebrate our positive school culture with student created skits and performances.