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Grades 7/8 Blog

October 10, 2018
By Elyse Kirkpatrick

Grades 5/6 Blog

October 10, 2018
By Jennifer Barkofski

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7/8 Grades February Newsletter

March 06, 2018
By Elyse

Hello Parents,

February comes to an end this week as does the second trimester on Friday.  Look for second trimester report cards to come home on Friday, March 9.  

We have come to the end of our World War I studies and move on to the Roaring Twenties.  The students will explore this time period through the writing and performance of a 1920’s radio show. “Guests” on the show will include people such as Babe Ruth, Al Capone, Bessie Smith, and Langston Hughes.  You will have the opportunity to be a part of the radio audience! An exact date for the radio show will be shared once it is established.

The current science unit is now concentrating on kinetic and potential energy.  Students will be exploring through experiments and models questions such as “How does the kinetic energy of an object change when its speed or mass changes?” and “How do Newton’s laws help us explain marble billiards?” This unit will culminate in students being introduced to the physics concept of impulse and applying this concept to designing a protective helmet for a model head.  

As part of African American History Month in February, our class researched African American inventors.  Students had to research a particular inventor and write a speech in which they argued why this inventor should be chosen as the inventor our class focused on for a project that will be shown to all the Elementary classes.  Students then voted on which inventor they thought should be the one.  Perhaps not surprisingly, the most votes garnered were for Mark Dean, who was instrumental in developing and inventing the personal computer and gigahertz chip.  The students then brainstormed ways to design a poster of information about him, showing a strong ability to weave the theme of computers into the design. A picture of their labor will be shared  this week as final touches still need to be made on the poster tomorrow.

The students recently completed reading a play version of The Diary of Anne Frank. People’s Light Theater is currently doing a production of this show, and we will be going there on Wednesday to see this show.  Attached is a copy of the permission slip.  A paper version will be sent home tomorrow if you are unable to print one at home.  

Warm regards,

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