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Roald Dahl Day!

November 01, 2019
By Ms. Kearney & Ms. Albright

Roald Dahl Day is finally here!!! What a spectacular day! Our morning started with dynamic characters from Roald Dahl stories coming to life sharing their story, character traits, and imaginary business reflecting the character. Continuing our celebration, the children created RD t-shirts, designed a new golden ticket and chocolate bar label, made a Matilda bookmark and BFG dream jar. The Roald Dahl characters feasted on George's Marvelous Medicine soup, Twits wormy spaghetti, and Matilda's Mac and Cheese. This was complimented with desserts inspired by the book Fantastic Mr. Fox, bird pie, marshmallow pillow and Bruce Bogtrotter's infamous chocolate cake. Learning was achieved and memories were made.

Kate says:
November 01, 2019 08:28 PM CST

What a spectacular day! Our children are so fortunate to have such creative and dedicated teachers who create learning experiences that are so full of fun! What a way to learn!

Stefanie Meno says:
November 04, 2019 05:49 AM CST

Thanks so much, Faith and Carly, for the effort you put into preparing for this day. All of the kids were AMAZING! It was such fun to watch!